Out of Africa

During Ulrike's last visit in Africa WE shot some videos.
The topic: Everdays Life ... A random collection.

Young African Leaders
Joy Tang introducing Nii Tete Saashi Koi, project manager at oneVillageFoundation (oVF), Winneba, Ghana.
Location: Jukwa, Ghana

What the hack is ICT?
Joy Tang interviewing Tuglo Godwin, a 25 year old farmer.
Location: Akrosombo, Volta Region, Ghana.

Africa is doing good
Hans Rosling explains why Africa is doing good.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Round-up Makers Faire 2010
Makers Faire Africa took place for the 2nd time in August 2010.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya's new Constitution
Mac-Jordan D. Degadjor interviewing Kennedy Kachwanya
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Installment of the new Chief
Location: Jukwa, Ghana

Location: Huruma Nairobi, Kenya (Bitte auf den beitrag linken .... danke)

Marie Githinji on daily life in Nairobi, Kenya
Location: iHUB, Nairobi, Kenya

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